The People Behind SAVI

SAVI has been, and continues to be, supported and guided by a diverse group of professions. The effort truly represents professionals looking after their profession. If you would like to contribute or participate in some manner please send an email to

Expert Advisory Group

  • Mr. Jost am Ryhn – Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

  • Dr. Megan Bergman – National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council

  • Dr. Egan Brockhoff  – Prairie Swine Health Services

  • Dr. Phil Buote – Canadian Council of Veterinary Registrars

  • Dr. Theresa Burns – Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System

  • Dr. Henry Ceelan – Bovine Veterinarian

  • Dr. Sherri Christie – Canadian Association of Bovine Veterinarians

  • Ms. Melissa Dumont – Animal Nutrition Association of Canada

  • Mr. James Dunlop – TDV Global

  • Mr. Michael Ennis – TDV Global

  • Dr. Greg Evans – Equine Veterinarians

  • Dr. Jim Fairles – Canadian Association of Poultry Veterinarians

  • Dr. Cécile Ferrouillet – Université de Montréal

  • Dr. Catherine Filjeski – Canadian Animal Health Institute

  • Dr. Amy Gaw – Temiskaming Veterinary Services

  • Dr. Mary Jane Ireland – Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  • Dr. Dave Leger – Public Health Agency of Canada

  • Dr. Keith Lehmann – Canadian Council of Chief Veterinary Officers

  • Dr. Manisha Mehrotra – Health Canada

  • Dr. Tye Perrett – Feedlot Health Management Services

  • Dr. Shane Renwick – Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

  • Dr. Ben Schlegel – Poultry Health Services

  • Dr. Scott Weese – Ontario Veterinary College

  • Dr. Jeff Wichtel – Ontario Veterinary College

Subject Matter Experts

  • Dr. John Campbell – WCVM – Beef

  • Dr. Greg Wideman – Southwest Veterinarians – Swine

  • Dr. Shawn Fairbairn – Poultry Partners – Poultry

  • Dr. Murray Gillies – Vetoquinol – Dairy

  • Dr. Joyce van Donkersgoed – Beef

  • Dr. Egan Brockhoff – Prairie Swine Health Services – Swine

  • Dr. Leighanne Hawkins – Cooke Aqua – Aquaculture

  • Dr. Alison Moore – OMAFRA – Equine

  • Dr. Amy Gaw – Temiskaming Veterinary Services – Small Ruminants

  • Dr. Scott Weese – Ontario Veterinary College – Companion Animals

  • Dr. Ben Schlegel – Poultry Health Services – Poultry

  • Dr. Lynn Tait – OC Flock Management – Small Ruminants

Veterinary Clinics for Data Collection

  • Feedlot Health Management Services (Beef Feedlot) (Dr. Tye Perrett)

  • Prairie Swine Health Services (Swine) (Dr. Egan Brockhoff)

  • Poultry Health Services (Poultry) (Dr. Tom Inglis and Dr. Ben Schlegel)

  • South West Ontario Veterinary Services (Dr. Greg Wideman)

Government of Canada

Canada Agricultural Partnership

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

Canadian Food
Inspection Agency