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Questions from Canadian Producers

Canadian Producers are a vital part of the SAVI initiative. The following questions  have been asked by members of the Producer community to date. If you are a Producer and have questions or comments, please contact us today.
How does SAVI help with my business?2020-09-29T17:09:35+00:00

Working in partnership with producers, the goal of SAVI is to help veterinarians optimize antimicrobial usage, balancing both costs and effectiveness while also addressing the issue of antimicrobial resistance and the associated impact on the health of Canadians.

SAVI intends to encourage confidence on the part of the Canadian public as well as international trading partners in our national capacity to manage antimicrobials appropriately and support our shared social license to operate within both the agricultural and companion animal sectors.

The issuing of the latest guidance supported by sound data should allow veterinarians and producers to re-examine their current antimicrobial prescription and dispensing practices and identify opportunities for alternative approaches or improvements.

Participation is on a voluntary basis only and there will be no regulatory or enforcement actions taken regarding any form of antimicrobial usage.

How will antimicrobial use data remain confidential and secure?2020-09-29T17:08:29+00:00

The data will be stored on highly secured servers located in Canada. The servers employ real-time cloud-native security monitoring that automatically detects any threats. Access will be highly restricted to small number of CVMA authorized personnel. The system employs 3 levels of identity and access management as a best practice, compliant with Data Security Standard (DSS).

Individualized reporting at the veterinary clinic and producer level will only be provided to participating veterinarians and producers. Aggregated reports stripped of any identifying information will still require approval from participating clinics and producers prior to any wider release.

Will my farm’s identity be protected?2020-09-29T17:10:17+00:00

Yes, all data will be highly protected. As relates to the Farm and Producer data, only a Producer Code will be submitted with the prescription, and only the veterinarian submitting the Producer Code will know which farm it belongs to.

Why is SAVI collecting veterinarian-supplied data on the prescription and dispensing of antimicrobials?2020-09-29T17:16:48+00:00

Arming Canada’s veterinarians with analysis of their own prescription and dispensing practices will help to identify trends and optimize antimicrobial use while helping to explore the relationship between antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance with sound data and a science-based approach.

The initial data collection pilot is focused exclusively on the beef, poultry and swine sectors.

What is the purpose of SAVI?2020-09-29T17:07:02+00:00

SAVI is intended to support Canada’s veterinarians in making decisions on antimicrobial use by providing the latest knowledge, guidance and data in the form of accessible tools and reporting.

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